Social Media was filled with all the emotions over the weekend, thanks to the hashtag #foreverduncan. Instagram user @AlferdtheMC orchestrated an entire wedding unbeknownst to his then-girlfriend Sherrell and documented the entire day on Instagram.

From their “date” at a restaurant, Sherell said she felt “anxious” about what the day had in store. A short time later, Alfred left the table, and had a younger family memeber surpise her and whisked away to a secluded back room where he proposed in front of friends and family. But it didn’t stop there, he then suprised her with some of her closest friends and a glam squad where her hair, make up was done and she had a special dress picked out for her. After that, she was blindfolded and sent to the next venue. Little did she know it was her actual wedding. Grab some tissue and watch it all unfold below.

Right before I pop the question. She has no idea the kinda of day she is about to endure #foreverduncan

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