Ellen sure has an act for making people admit their deepest darkest secrets and it always leaves viewers hysterical!

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This time she had Chrissy Teigen in the hot seat yesterday when she simply gushed on living in Rihanna’s former pad. Not only did she never imagine that she would one day live in the Island gal’s home she must have out of body experiences pinching herself whenever she stumbles across the singer’s mail. She even admits that she wanted to take Rih’s mail to the Grammy’s to give back to her but her husband stopped her dead in her tracks noting not to “embarrass” him. Ellen then informs Chrissy that opening other people’s mail is illegal while she thought it was cool because it was her house now.

Endless laughs from start to finish!! Tune in below in case you missed Ellen’s priceless hoodwink on the new mom… Surely it never fails, Ellen gets everyone!


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