As the first guest of the Def Radio Podcast; Presented by Best Of Both Offices (Hosted by Mazzi, JO & Rossi) Just Blaze talks about how Kanye West paid out of his own pocket for his video to “Touch The Sky”. Kanye hated how the video turned out that Def Jam paid for out of the budget so he decided to go back to the drawing board and pay for it himself. Kanye has been known to take the quality of his art very serious, even if it means putting a large sum of his own money up.

Just also discusses how he got his start producing, sampling records during the Rocafella Record days, and Doug E. Fresh going up to Def Jam strong-arming them for 50 thousand for the “Roc The Mic” line. He then described the camaraderie that Kanye and himself shared during the Rocafella days. He even spoke about inviting Kanye to stay on his couch to avoid going back and forth from Chicago.
Be on the lookout for more big guests to come on the Def Radio Podcast in the near future including Young Guru and DJ Whoo Kid! Be sure to follow Def Radio Podcast @DefRadioStation.

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