W-O-M-E-N, undoubtedly his allure…. Ricky Rozzay is back to tell us about his newest infatuation. Who is she, is a great question! “Supa Cindy” is a ode to THEE Supa Cindy, local Miami radio-host/personality extraordinaire. On this track ‘Supa Cindy’ takes on a new persona as bodacious dialogue is used to describe that “IT” woman. Fans can see why Ross found his inspiration in Cindy herself.

MMG squad members, Sam Sneak and Scrilla accompany this new track helping Ross paint this distinct image of ‘what’ their Supa Cindy embodies.

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The catchy hook “Her jeans tight, that a** right.. that’s Supa Cindy; Pulled up in a new Benz, that’s Supa Cindy; b**** finner than a G5 that’s Supa Cindy,” gives a straight to the point narrative that ‘Supa Cindy’ is a metaphor for a highly attractive woman on her A-game. Ross echoes the same wave listing all the mind blowing and mainly physical attributes of every man’s ideal woman and her sex appeal.

Check out his new banger below!


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