Mysterious street artist Banksy may have finally been unmasked, after a woman claimed to have seen him creating his latest piece. In the footage posted on Youtube, The woman filming said that she was

“walking home from work late last night and I was watching a street artist doing a piece in hosier lane. I double backed and pulled out my phone as he was finishing up.”

What she saw when she walked down the alley was this piece of what appears to be a stenciled image of Australian Senator Pauline Hanson with “please explain?” written next to her. For those who don’t know, Hanson has been calling for an end of Muslim immigration and a ban on the burqa. She then runs after the man who turns around and tries blocking the camera with his hand to no avail, as he shouts ‘fuck off, fuck off’, before taking off.

The First Lady Paints With Mr. Brainwash [PHOTOS]

Until Banksy drops word on the nature of this video below, it’s all speculation.

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