Seems like everyone is embracing the beef nowadays. Chief Keef took some shots of his own during a recent show he had. He threw shade at the newcomers in the rap game with colored hair, and their corny dance moves apparently.

In a video posted to social media he says:

“All these faggot ass niggas rapping today? Shaking they booties and all that gay ass shit? Until 2017, that’s how long they got … on my kids, on blood.”

He also then talked about “colored hair” rappers, AKA Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert. Keef didn’t drop any names to be specific, but you can hear in his voice how fed up he is with the new music. He’s never been one to be quiet about the mainstream, and he’s gotten in trouble for it before. Back in September, Bow Wow revealed that BET had banned Sosa from their network:

“BET banned Sosa. I was fighting to get Sosa on 106 it was no go from the uppers. They really black balled him from mainstream its crazy.”

2017 should be one for the books, everyone is looking forward to a new Keef hit!

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