The path to consciousness for T.I. continues following the release of his “US Or Else” project. Now, he’s using his voice to express why he votes on VEVO’s “Why I Vote” video campaign.

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In the video T.I. breaks down the disproportionate rate at which Black people were arrested and charge for nonviolent drug offensives as oppose of their white counterparts. During Ronald Regan’s presidency in the 1980s harsh laws that were passed as a part of the “War On Drugs” resulted in many Black crack dealers getting locked away for decades.

“Nobody just learned how to put baking soda with water in cocaine to make a cheaper version that’s more potent. We ain’t no d*mn chemists. We didn’t come up with that.”

Watch T.I. discuss the “War on Drugs” and why it’s important for him to exercise his vote above.

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