Exceptional entrepreneurship isn’t something to take lightly!

Today’s market is saturated with an enormous amount of waist trainers, hair boutiques and detox tea business owners to last us until infinity. But how often is it that we get to celebrate a business of substance? One that entails real meaning and sentimental value behind it…

Correct! It’s not often that we can. Rightfully so, now is the time to celebrate a brand that exudes what we’ve been missing. Below you’ll get to meet a new entrepreneur and a DMV native where within six months of her unveil is doing numbers and leaving a mark on all those she touches.

Take a glimpse into the birth of The Amrielle Assembly:

Meet Hiba Joehar, a 25-year-old woman who found peace after months of disappointment and betrayal.  

Two summers ago, she quit her job after realizing it was only financially satisfying and not where her heart was. She was in a fairytale-like relationship with a man who she saw forever with and was excited to begin hunting for a new career.

After months of not hearing back from employers, losing sight of her faith and losing her prince charming, Joehar felt that she was entering an early midlife crisis.

“God why did you give me the heart and the strength to forgive and still love this person,” she asked herself.

At one point or another we have all found ourselves asking tough questions that lend no concrete answer. Losing love and battling adversity hurts but during those moments we experience the most growth. In the beginning we fall in love with the journey of finding the person of our dreams. However it’s the moment that we discover this person is more of a disaster than blessing that we begin to channel our true selves and walk into our purpose. And that’s exactly what happened for Miss Joehar who explains “The Amrielle Assembly means ‘All thing’s purpose’, which conveys how everything comes together and everything has a purpose. 

In order to let go of the negative aspects of life and move on, she religiously began wearing “Healing”, one of Amrielle Assembly’s, best sellers. She says, “Every day I told myself to let everything go and eventually everything connects.” Wearing “Healing” was her daily reminder that healing is a process and everyday she’s one step closer.  

“The more I said this to myself, and wore these necklaces every day, I found peace. If something as small as a necklace could remind me to stay positive, I knew it could help other women.” Ultimately, she knew she was onto something! 

Fast forward to July 18, 2016, Joehar single handedly pulled off Amrielle Assembly’s premiere launch party. With over 100 people in attendance, she was finally able to tell the world about the formation of the Amrielle Assembly. This was also the first time many saw the jewelry collection, resulting in Joehar completely selling out of the f necklaces she brought for display.



The “Praying For” collection was the first collection Joehar released to the public. It featured an array of necklaces rooted in aspects that many would pray for: Healing, Health, Guidance, Strength and Something New.

However it was the unfolding of “Strength” that peaked her brand in an imaginable way. It was the  featured piece at First Baptist Church of Glenarden’s, Women’s Empowerment: He Loves Me Women’s Conference where Joehar provided this signature piece for the 2,000 women in attendance.  

“I wanted to be a part of this regardless of if I made a profit or not. I wanted to spread my message to 2,000 women,” she said.

Following her unmatched accomplishment,  Joehar has been invited to speak as a panelist at this year’s, Embrace Her Growth brunch. The topic of the hour “What I Wish I knew” will entail an intimate conversation where Joehar and her elite panelists will dish on their personal moments. The audience will also get the chance to hear Joehar’s personal journey and the formation of her business, The Amrielle Assembly, LLC. This is a great opportunity for a multitude of women, in search of their own inspiration to interact with the dynamic panel and walk away with something that will truly nourish their spirit. #EmbraceHerGrowth women’s brunch will be held on Sunday, October 16 at Pennsylvania 6 at 12:30 pm. Tickets are available here.  

To learn more about Amerille Assembly or to connect with the creator follow @amrielleassembly on Instagram or contact Miss Joehar here.  

This is only the beginning for Hiba Joehar, a small-business owner, relationship survivor and woman of God who has shown us early on she’s here to change lives! 

Stayed tuned for part II following the commencement of the “Embrace Her Growth” brunch. We’ll share all the highlights from the event and catch up with all the panelists notably Miss Joehar on her experience so far, coming into her new brand and her thoughts on how amazing we know this brunch will be!

This has been a collaborative effort by Hiba Joehar’s publicist,  Alexis Thweatt with executive contributions by Ebro’s own, Myrtis Thweatt.

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