Kevin Hart’s fifth stand-up film “What Now?” takes stand-up comedy to a new level. Not only did he perform in front of a sold-out crowd in his hometown Philadelphia, but that crowd of over 50,000 people was filmed at the Lincoln Financial Field making it a historic night for the comedian. The idea to film in the football stadium came about when he performed his “Seriously Funny” comedy special. Once Hart sold out New York City’s Madison Square Garden four times, he knew that the show at the Lincoln Financial Field was meant to be. His reason for wanting to do the show? Simply because “it’s never been done before.”

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Although the venue was full of up to 53,000 people, Hart’s goal was to make it as intimate as possible with the set up of a comedy club on the stage. With that, he made it a goal to make the content as relatable as possible to all of his fans, whether they’re new or been following Hart since “Paper Soldiers.” He said the show couldn’t have been “half-assed” at all.

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The Leslie Small-directed film named after his 2015 comedy tour not only shows Hart’s growth as a comedian but also certifies him as a mega superstar. The film began with a James Bond-influenced skit with Don Cheadle, Ed Helms and Halle Berry that grasped the viewing audience immediately for its funny banter. But once he exchanges the fancy tux for the stage in Philly the laughs roll in putting Hart in the discussion to become the next King of comedy, if he isn’t already. With jokes covering politics, love and raising privileged kids, “What Now?” is the perfect example of Hart’s growth in the limelight and how he deals with fame.

Before the release of the film, Blame Ebro had the opportunity to speak to Kevin about the importance of spreading positivity and laughter worldwide. Hart said his goal in comedy is to “spread laughter.” He lives his life by his “3 L’s,” which are live, love and laughter. When I asked how important was it for him to make people of all races, creeds, and nationalities laugh he said:

“As my fan base continues to grow and as I continue to grow, I’ll continue to use my platform to be as positive as I possibly can. I’ll always try to be the example of what positivity can bring.”

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Hart explained that his family has always been his first priority. He said that his goal is for the Hart the last name to “mean something when it’s all said and done.” His goal with his family name is to create a legacy that his kids will honor and be proud of just like he is. Judging by the year he has had, he has done that and more.

Make sure you check out “What Now?” In theaters now. Check out the trailer below.

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