Monday night (Oct. 10) in SoHo, an enormous crowd came out to support known event producer Brianni Taylor for her new “Views Exhibit” event. This May, she was the genius behind the successful Kanye West TLOP exhibit but this time around, she took things a step further. The art exhibit showcased the artistry and talent of the featured creators, while emphasizing the versatility behind the man who inspired the entire event– Drake.

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Throughout the course of his career, Drake has given us numerous songs, features, albums, and unforgettable melodies that demonstrate his impact on the music industry. From his abrasive and arrogant yelling on tracks such as “Know Yourself” and “Worst Behavior” to his softer, melodic voice on tracks like “Find Your Love,” Drake has proved himself to be one of the most dynamic artists in the game. Through the “Views Exhibit,” a bunch of visual artists were able to capture some of the greatest moments in Drake’s career through paintings and other works including props, apparel, and accessories.

Brianni Taylor and her team did a great job of taking care of every person who entered the room.  There were three, hour-long sessions during the exhibit event, giving fans the option to walk through at various times. The D’usse sponsored event offered drinks inspired by hits from the Toronto native, including the “Controlla,” the “Hype,” and the “Pop Style.” To make it even more lit, at the end of every session there was the Drake Karaoke. Any attendee who wanted to sign up for for it got the chance to perform.  Our BlameEbro writer, Chris Jamel, took a chance at the Drake Karaoke and performed “Headlines.”  The winners got free tickets to Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour.  It wouldn’t be fully “Drake themed” if you couldn’t witness the best Drake impersonator out of the crowd.

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All in all, this exhibit will be one to talk about for a while. Brianni says she has more to come and some big plans for her next show.  Shout out to the entire “Brianni T Presents” team! Make sure you stay on the look out for any forthcoming exhibits from her by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

Check out some of pics below from a few of the artists who featured their work at the “Views Exhibit.”

img_2499       img_2502        img_2512

img_2529       img_2514         img_2534


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