For all of you who are still obsessing over Frank Ocean’s long awaited project, Blonde, it was just released that he will be ineligible to win a Grammy in this upcoming award show regardless of the success of the album.

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Although stream-only albums are finally counted in the race, Frank Ocean can’t participate due to not submitting Blonde or Endless for consideration. Both projects were released before the Grammy’s cut-off day of Sept. 30 but his label failed to submit them to the Academy.

There is speculation it may have been a miscommunication as Frank Ocean has left his former label, Def Jam. Endless was the last contractual album needed to fulfill his agreement with the label and end ties early. He released Blonde through his independent imprint, Boys Don’t Cry, with the help of Apple Music.

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It is unfortunate that this mishap occurred as Blonde hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts and was a possible nominee for a few Grammy’s.

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