After listening to Solange’s A Seat At The Table, Common must’ve felt just as inspired by the project as we all were because he decided to throw a verse on her record “Cranes In The Sky”

The Chicago rapper sat down with The Fader recently, where he said:

“Every once and a few years, there are certain songs that come out and have the sound of forever. ‘Cranes in the Sky’ is that song for me.”

Alicia Keys – In Common (Remix) Feat. Kanye West & Travis Scott [AUDIO]

Common added,

“Every time I listened to it, I keep wanting to hear it again and again. I started mumbling some words to it and then decided I want to write a verse.”

This track has not been listed as an official remix but it’s still an interesting spin on a popular record.

Common has been working on his forthcoming album Black America Again. It’s set to release in November. He was also generous enough to throw out some names of people that he is working with on this album such as the Syd of The Internet and the great Stevie Wonder.

Common Drops New Single, ‘Letter to the Free’ [AUDIO]

Listen to to the track below.

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