Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is being talked about everywhere, but not because of music.

The artist/actor has been receiving some great feedback from his FX show “Atlanta.” Although the show is slated for a second season, Gambino seems to be making his way back to the music scene. Word has been spreading that he’s releasing an album next month called Awaken My Love. In a local FYE, there was list of upcoming albums that will be hitting the shelves in the store. On the list it said “12/2… Childish Gambino/Awaken My Love.”

Childish Gambino’s Hit Show “Atlanta” Has Already Been Renewed for a Second Season

Childish Gambino has been hinting at new coming for quite some time now. He did a show out in California a few months ago and on a recent episode of “Atlanta,” he previewed a brand new song.

The multi-talented Gambino is also scheduled to have a role in both the new “Star Wars” and “Spiderman” films. If indeed this drop is true, Awaken My Love will be Gambino’s first project since the 2014 release of STN MTN/Kauai.

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