For Clipse fans, Til Casket Drop is a bittersweet moment. While the album is one of the duo’s best projects, it marks an end of an era. Shortly after the release, Malice (now known as “No Malice”) gave his life to God and was a born again Christian. Since then, No Malice has been firm about never returning to that life known as the Clipse. Pusha T went solo, crediting Kanye West for setting him up as a solo artist during the creative process for Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In an interview with Noisey in 2013, No Malice said “This is just a new time in my life, and like I said, I’ve grown. So I don’t want to be attached to anything negative like that.”

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Now, it seems like he’s opened up to a possible reunion and new album. In a new interview with GQ celebrating the 10th anniversary o Hell Hath No Fury, both No Malice and Pusha T sound opened to the idea.

The question then, is whether Pusha and No Malice, seven years removed from their last album together, are willing to make another Clipse record today. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know we can do it,” No Malice says. When I tell Pusha several weeks later, he agrees, adding it would be up to his brother. “It would be an amazing album,” Pusha says. “We could totally conquer the world.”

If this happens, it would be huge. The two can totally go a Kane and Abel route with the project, or do a creative collab that can show both of their struggles in life apart.

The GQ interview also examines Malice’s internal struggle while making Hell Hath No Fury, Pusha T belief that it’s the “realest” rap album ever made, and what it’s like making music without his older brother.

“This is not where I envisioned myself not where I wanted it to go,” Pusha says. “I came into this game with my brother and my best friend and that’s it, and now, I’m making music with good friends, but not the people I came in with. I’m not with my brother. Every aspect of what I love about this has been yanked away in some way shape or form…. I don’t have the fun of like really making music with like my best friends who live up the street from me.”

Read the interview in full here.

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