If you’ve never heard of 40oz Van, let us give you an introduction. He’s the guy who stamped his brand 400z NYC on the snapback hats a few years ago with his innovative creations and Hypebeast mentality. He took what we knew as high fashion and transformed it into streetwear. He’s the guy who has done countless collaborations with brands such as Vintage Frames, Black Scale, Married to the Mob, Modelo and more. Since gaining his popularity, 40oz Van and his brand 40oz NYC has been seen everywhere. His hats have been spotted on the heads of mainstream musicians such as Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar.

News has just surfaced about 40oz NYC and it’s big! The brand has inked a deal with D’USSÈ/ Roc Nation for the first leg of the 40oz Bounce 2017 Tour. D’USSÈ is a popular cognac that was backed a few years ago by Jay Z and his partners over at Roc Nation. Since making its introduction, the cognac has been mentioned by entertainers such as J.Cole, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Nas, and much more time and time again. D’USSÈ has proved its longevity by engaging in pop culture and partnering up with great influencers of today.

“We’re proud to announce our new partnership with D’USSÈ for ’17.” said 40oz Van. “I’ve always respected what the brand stood for and the organic but impactful marketing. We’re immensely grateful for this opportunity that’s going to take 400z Bounce to the next level. Thank you Emory Jones, Brian Axelrod, and Hov!”

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