Last week, a Tampa, FL Lyft driver was kidnapped and held at gunpoint for 11 hours, according to authorities. The incident occurred around 11pm on Dec. 20 when the driver picked up the four suspects. Once in the car, the suspect who sat in the front seat of the vehicle, flashed a gun, and told him, “You’re working for us tonight.”

After that, the four men forced the driver to chauffeur them around to 30 different locations as they committed numerous crimes, including thefts and drug transactions, leaving one person in the car at all time. The suspects entered each location in the driver’s GPS and took pictures while on the crime spree. The suspects even went as far as to upload photos to their Facebook page.

The incident concluded around 10am the next morning when the driver dropped the men off. The men warned the driver that if he called the police, they would kill him. The driver found a police officer and two of the suspects, Aaron Diggs, 18 and Willie Brown III, 18, were arrested at a nearby basketball court. Tampa police are still searching for the other two men. Diggs and Brown are being held on $100,000 bail.

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Source: NBC2

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