Hate it or love it, rapper The Game has had an amazing career. From touring globally to producing 8 studio albums, The Game has surprisingly  announced his next album “West Side Story” will probably be his last.

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While performing in Moscow, Russia earlier this week, Game hinted that his next album titled Westside Story would probably be his last footprint in the music game.

“When I get back to LA, I’m going straight to jail because I fucking had a fight with a police officer and shit,” he said. “So I’m gonna sit down for a bit and write my next album, which is probably gonna be my last album. It’s called Westside Story, it’s gonna be some ill sh**.

Game also expressed how he never would have imagined being a kid from Compton he would be able to live out his dream.

“I’m from Compton, man. Never in my life when I was a kid thought that I would be performing in Russia. I didn’t even know what the fuck Russia was when I was a little kid.”

Fans don’t worry, he might pull one like Jay z did back in 2003.

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