As fate would unfortunately have it, president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration will take place in Wasgington D.C on January 19th. While millions of us are dreading the day, all great things must come to an end and President Barack Obama’s two consecutive terms of President are nearing it’s final days. But like the Barry O that we have come to know and love, it is rumored that  he and the incomparable First Lady Michelle Obama, will host a finial White House party.

The Washington Post reports that a source close to the administration let slip that the Obama’s are planning an A-list farewell, intendees include Oprah, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. According to the Post,

“Old standbys such as singer Usher and actor Samuel L. Jackson will most likely be there, according to another person with knowledge of the invitees. Also currently practicing their sweet moves are media titan Oprah Winfrey […] actor Bradley Cooper, who showed up to the French state dinner sans underpants; Beyoncé, who sang at both of Obama’s inaugurations, and her husband, rapper Jay Z, are both whispered to be performing. We’re also hearing that Stevie Wonder, who has performed at the White House, director J.J. Abrams and director George Lucas make the list.”

The Post does point point out that Obama confirmed a finial White House party in the December issue of PEOPLE Magazine. The Obama’s have been known to known to keep great company so we are sure for their last White House party, they will leave no stop unpulled.

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