D.R.A.M’s latest song “Broccoli” is not only heating up the Billboard charts but has him tapping into his other talents including acting after he just recently booked an advertising campaign commercial for PETA.

In the ad, D.R.A.M jokes around with a pair of friends saying “Hey guys, wait til you try this green I got,” which shows “Broccoli” as a substitute for marijuana. “This right here that I got is that Cali…that real ‘dro like from back in the day.”

D.R.A.M then goes on to claiming a white old lady is his plug before launching a display of a flowery head broccoli next to his bong full of weed.

PETA is hoping the sponsored ad will encourage others to try their perfect legal cannabis in all 50 states. “It shows that everyone can benefit from eating an ounce or two—or even a pound—of the plant that is widely accessible and perfectly legal in all 50 states,” states PETA.

Looks like “Broccoli” may be soon growing in everyone’s backyard.

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