To everyone’s surprise, Hip Hop’s newest favorite couple has officially called it quits after Nicki tweeting she is single, confirming the breakup. Fans were left in a daze as to the cause of the split while many speculating infidelity. However, some new information about the sudden breakup may give a break to the many rumors floating around.

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According to TMZ, Minaj became furious with Meek after claiming he was spending too much time with his friends instead of the relationship. After bringing up the issue, Meek reportedly left the island upset. After his sudden departure, Minaj decided to call it quits.

There also have been rumors of infidelity surrounding the relationship. Some claimed Meek was cheating with a boutique shop owner named Sonye Rasool. Rasool quickly denied those rumors saying she hasn’t been with Meek in years and denies she is the cause of the sudden breakup. She is also threatening to sue blogs spreading the rumors with defamation suits.

Meek took to social media after the breakup shading his ex, posting a picture on Instagram wedge sneakers she wore in a music video claiming it was “wack.” It took Nicki no time to regain focus by letting her fans know of a new album on the way.

Nicki tweeted she will going back to the studio to focus on her new album. She was also seen with Lil Wayne recently in the studio. The greatest comeback of all time? Just wait on it.

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