Giants fans are pretty heated over Sunday night’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. The wild card game was rather embarrassing and disappointing, as the Giants got crushed leaving the game 38-13,  ending their season with a record of 11-6.

Naturally, fans are looking for a reason for the devastating loss. While the lead players, Odell Beckham, Russell Sheppard, Roger Lewis, and Victor Cruz are always the first to blame, they are especially in hot water with fans because the 4 were spotted at a yacht party day before their last game.

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While their coach, Ben McAdoo defends them since it was their last game, fans on Twitter are still not having it.

But Coach McAdoo isn’t the only one coming to the Giants Defense. Trey Songz, who was also in attendance at the party, felt the need to speak up too. After people blew up his Twitter, blaming the party for the Giants poor performance.

But Trey wasn’t having it.

But Trey’s response was nothing compared to what is said to be Odell Beckham’s. Apparently he got so upset, he punched a hole in the locker room wall.

It’s just football gentlemen.

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