Fetty Wap and model Alexis Skyy has had a relationship that can be turned into a movie. Literally. Now for the dramatic ending, footage of the couple most private moments has leaked! While both deny leaking the sex tape, both have turned to pointing fingers at each other.

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According to TMZ, Skyy filed her own cease and desist letter to Fetty Wap insisting the sex tape be removed from the internet. In the document, her lawyer states to Fetty’s attorney that “the leaked material was most recently under your client’s control and, in all likelihood, was released by someone gaining access to the materials through him, with or without his knowledge.”

Fetty wasted no time in issuing his own cease and desist letter to all media outlets that posted a clip of the tape. He also sent one to Alexis as well where he threatens to sue her if he finds out she’s indeed the one behind the leaked footage  TMZ reports.

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