Tupac Shakur is an icon in both music and culture. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that his biopic will be making it’s theater debut on June 16, Tupac’s birthday.

Morgan Creek Entertainment has teamed up with Lionsgate to release the film based on one of music’s most beloved entertainers, rappers, poets, and all around fan favorite. All Eyez On Me will take you through the life of Tupac Shakur and give you an insight on his rough upbringing, rise to fame, Bad Boy beef, and his trials and tribulations with Death Row Records.

This biopic will be directed by none other than Benny Boom, a well respected and widely known video director. Demetrius Ship Jr. will be playing Tupac Shakur and Jamal Willard will be playing Notorious B.I.G., the same role he played in the biopic of his character.

On April 17, Tupac Shakur will be making his way to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He will be the first solo rapper to ever accomplish this.

Tupac Becomes First Solo Rapper to be Inducted in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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