After being arrested for his alleged involvement in the May 2016 Irving Plaza shooting, Taxstone (born Daryl Campbell) was released on bail after being arraigned in New York City federal court on Tuesday (Jan. 17).

The federal complaint states that Campbell is believed to have entered the green room on the at Irving Plaza with a 9mm Kel-Tec semi-automatic handgun that allegedly injured Troy Ave and left Troy Ave’s bodyguard and childhood friend, Banga dead. Reports have stated that DNA traces on the gun match Campbell leading prosecutors to believe that he load and shot the gun inside the venue that night.

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Assistant District Attorney Hagan Scotten claimed Campbell fired the gun first. “He had a gun in his hand and he murdered someone,” DNAInfo reports that the prosecution requested no bail for the podcast personality. Tax’s lawyer’s Kenneth Montgomery says he has been aware of the charges since at least Jan.3 after a tactical NYPD team showed up at his aunt’s house in East New York, Brooklyn and reportedly declined to arrest him.

“He’s been in Philly, he’s been in Atlanta, he’s been in Los Angeles, he flew to Jamaica and to Europe, but he always came back to his aunt’s home in East New York,” Montgomery said. “He didn’t flee then and he won’t now.” Judge Andrew Beck set bail at $500,000.

After posting bail, Tax was released on house arrest and given an ankle monitor to wear. He is allowed to leave the house to record his “Tax Season” podcast and to meet with his lawyers, but any other work related trips must be approved by the judge.

The prosecution has clips from Taxstone’s “Tax Season” podcast against him in court, including statements mocking Troy Ave and an audio clip prior to the shooting about running up on a rival: “When I see you walking up with six dudes, bang-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba…I want to embarrass somebody, and that’s why I started bullying Troy Ave, you know what I mean?”

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Source: DNA Info

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