The return of Dave Chappelle to Saturday Night Live was definitely something all Chappelle fans looked forward to. After the success of the Chappelle Show, most of the fans were looking forward to the return of many of the beloved characters Dave so effortlessly performed.

While he gives us several characters on SNL, true Chappelle fans know that one very hilarious and signature character has been absent – Rick James. However, this character wasn’t nixed without good reason. The creator of “The Chappelle Show,” Neal Brennan said in a recent NPR interview that the character was set to return, but didn’t for a very specific reason. The character was contingent upon Hillary Clinton winning the presidency of the United States. Well, we know what really happened.

“Michael Che and I wrote a sketch at 9, for Weekend Update,” says Brennan. “It was gonna be a Rick James Weekend Update piece, about how he was glad that Bill Clinton — I’m sorry, Donald Trump, lost. Then me and Che had to rewrite that sketch. We ended up not doing it.”

I guess the results of the election screwed us all in more ways than one.

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