In the wake of approximately three million women marching in anti-Trump protests across all seven continents on Saturday. TDE’s Ab-Soul had a few questions like, “What does equality of the sexes really mean to you?” and “What exactly are we fighting for?”

“I assure u this subject is dear to me, what steps can men take to genuinely support these notions?” he writes.

Countless women responded and listed reasons such as birth control rights, the right to not be sexualized, abortion rights, and equal pay as a handful of reasons to protest. While he claimed he was “not anti-abortion,” he did suggest it’s up to both the woman and man to have sex responsibly unless rape is a factor. “Unless raped, a woman is just as responsible for the act than the man is,” he wrote before saying, “accidents do happen.”

TDE President Terrence “Punch” Henderson eventually chimed in and called out Ab-Soul for his comments, warning him to “tread carefully.” See all of the controversial posts below

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