What happens when you bring a mic and 5 educated, beautiful, career driven, and focused ladies in one room? Black Girl Magic. 5 friends who all met at the legendary station Hot 97, came together to create a podcast that exemplifies sisterhood, growing pains, personal experiences, struggles, triumphs, heartbreaks, and friendship. With 6 episodes down, The “Black Girl Podcast” has stolen the hearts of many and is on its way to becoming a household name.

Rebecca Francois, Sapphira Martin, Alysha Pamphile, Gia Peppers and Deanii Scott all have one thing in common: chemistry. All 5 are friends in real life, which makes the podcast even more relatable. When one cries, another one’s shoulder is there to lean on. You can feel the love and admiration each woman has for each other as they listen to each other talk about their fears, secrets, successes, and failures. These women are not afraid to share their imperfections, goals and what truly makes them unique. Being able to open up and let fans into your thoughts and feelings takes courage. These women let their heart out on their sleeve by opening up about past relationships, failures, what it’s like to work in the entertainment industry, and new ventures.

It all started out with video on Ebro’s Snapchat of the 5 ladies chit-chatting in the lobby of the Hot 97 building. He teased the girls in the Snapchat video saying “This is what a live black girl podcast would look like.” The rest is history. The ladies took the idea of having a podcast and ran it through a few friends who gave the idea a thumbs up.

“Black Girl Podcast” made its official debut on the 21-year anniversary of “Waiting To Exhale,” a film also showcasing the friendships of four women going through the ups and downs of life. This group of hosts connect with each other not only because they are co-workers, but because they all have felt each other’s pain, hurt, love, and can share similar stories of figuring out this thing called life.

In an interview with The Grio, co-host Rebecca Francois wants viewers to know not everything that glitters is truly gold. “We’re trying to teach everyone lessons that we’ve been through. It’s that we’re literally trying to figure it out as we go,” Francois says. “A part of what makes the show relatable is that we don’t have all the answers, but we’re asking the questions that maybe you have asked and also what you aren’t asking yourself.”

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Throughout each episode, Listeners can find themselves saying “yes” or “girl yes” a few times in agreement with the hosts. The group has commentary on the latest pop culture or black twitter news, relationship advice and career inspiration will have you letting out a few laughs throughout while jotting down new ideas or writing down quotes triggered by each episode.

“It’s about being bare, for other girls to know that we’re all going through the same things, talking about the same things. We’re not all that different,” says co-host Gia Peppers. “For me, people always see me as this one-sided person who’s perfect and doesn’t struggle, but I want people to peel back the layers. [Black Girl Podcast] is just about me being able to be myself somewhere without having to read a script or memorize anything.”

“Black Girl Podcast” has resonated one thing to many listeners. The only thing that is stopping you from being the person and having the life you want is YOU. You will fail, struggle, laugh, and cry, but how you finish the race is the most important. And with help of these ladies, viewers can be sure to know the “Black Girl Podcast” is here for you along the way.

Listen to their latest episode below.

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