“Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper!” Beyonce has reminded us that once you start doing good, enemies or so called beef starters will come out the hiding wanting to be your friend.

Cardi has surpassed her way from an “Instagram star” to now a rapper, actress, and model. It seems like everyone may want to ride on that Cardi wave and there wouldn’t be A way to ride along if your hater. Kat Stacks decided to let everyone know, it’s 2017. And of course, you know the motto under everyone’s new year picture: New Year, New Me.

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Kat Stack tweeted earlier this week saying she was looking to live a peaceful life and that she no longer wanted to beef with former “Love and Hip-Hop” cast member Cardi B.

Cardi responded with a tweet saying “Good looking shorty keep doing your thang” See it below.


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