Malik Smiley, son of comedian and radio show host, Rickey Smiley, has just exposed how ignorant he truly is. In a recent episode of “Rickey Smiley For Real”, he mentioned that he does not find black women attractive. When set up for a blind date by his cousin, he told her that he just simply was uninterested. “Her face,” he said. “Black females are not attractive to me. I look at them like my sisters… I went to an all-white school. Sometimes people have different tastes, and I don’t have a taste for her.” This is especially interesting given the pro black position his father often expresses.

After the episode aired, fans of both the show and Smiley gave some serious backlash. Rickey Smiley even chimed in on his son’s stupidity after a fan hit him up on Twitter.

#RickeySmiley responds to his son stating he's not attracted to "black girls" **refers to prior video**

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