Last week, Donald Trump announced via Twitter that if the violence in Chicago does not stop, he will send in the feds. Since then, Chicago rappers Common and Twista have commented on weather or not the believe Donald’s plan is a good idea.

Common believes that sending in the feds isn’t what the city ends and the end result, wont be good,

“To help Chicago, we’ve gotta take care of our own. Within the community we’ve got to do things. There’s a lot of people out there already organizing their own thing. We need our State and Local people to do things. We don’t need that type of mentality.”

Twista started off his opinion by saying that all rich white men aren’t bad,

“We think that all white people are bad or all rich white people oppress us. They don’t. Everyone has different views. I think he [Trump] stands for the view that in some ways we may be fearful that he may want to hurt us but in some ways they can possibly help us.”

But when it comes to infiltrating Chicago, Twista views mirrored that of Common:

“We need after school programs and money put back into the community so that we can help ourselves. Not like the National Guard coming in. You see what happened every time you have a Martial Law type of thing and you bring that type of mentality to the neighborhoods, or you bring a federal type of law to override the law of the city, it’s a bad experience. No one would agree that’s a good idea. I think it’s a problem we can more so fix amongst ourselves.”

Do you agree with Common or Twista? Let us know below.

Source: Baller Alert

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