Kehlani stopped by Ebro in the Morning to promote her debut album SweetSexySavage and to discuss her transition from Indie to a label, moving to NYC and more.

After a suicide attempt last year, Kehlani knew she needed a charge, so she moved to New York City to disconnect and “stay low.” She admits that she is not about fame, she wishes that she can drop and album, tour and never make gossip headlines again.

She admits that after her attempt and hospitalization, she took a 3-4 month break from music and had to take the time to reconnect with her love for music.

She calls Nick Cannon her “biggest angel.” The two originally met when she was a member of a group that appeared on “America’s Got Talent.” After the band split up, she joined a rap group created by Cannon, but it wasn’t the type of music Kehlani wanted to make. After he got a taste of the music she wanted to create, he pushed her to be her best her. And after her hospitalization, he said she can quit today and he’ll make sure she’ll be fine.

She also discussed why she will never be in a public relationship again, not being an angry person and her tattoos.

Watch it below.

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