After a heated email exchange between producer Trakksounds and Houston Music venue manager, Sara Fitzgerald, comedian Hannibal Buress and many other entertainers are boycotting the venue. Trakksound reached out to the Fitzgerald in an effort to book a show for the Starlito & Don Trip’s upcoming “Stepbrothers 3” tour and received a racist, stereotypical reply.

“I’m gonna pass on this. Not a big fan of the ‘nigger, bitch, pussy, whore ,gonnafuckingshootyou’ music or the fans that wear their pants under their ass with their underwear showing, drink and smoke pot in the parking lot, then scream, ‘you racist bitch’ when I ask that they take their lit joint outside.”, she replied.

Trakksound responded saying that he believe that Fitzgerald had some built up aggression while Buress appeared to regret that he recently had a show there.

According to the Houston Report, Sara Fitzgerald is defending her comments, blaming the artist’s lyrics for her word choice. “Why is my reputation on the line? It was their lyrics,” she goes on to say. “I shouldn’t have said anything,” Fitzgerald added. “I don’t know. It’s something I’ve been scratching my head over for a long time, because I like to think that we’re open to all kinds of music, but [that kind is] just…it’s embarrassing… And maybe I’m just old [and] I’m not getting it, but for them to say I don’t like black music…I mean, I’ve probably had more black music in Fitzgerald’s than any white club in town. I like music, and I like black music. I just don’t know how to deal with this type of music.”

While she may have no remorse, Trakksound says that he has “never once had a problem of any sort,” and “never seen such blatant stereotyping or a ridiculous response from a ‘professional.’”

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