Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis) has a few word for those who compare white terrorists to middle eastern terrorist. After the backlash for millions in response to the Presidents travel made of 9 majority Muslim countries, many House and Senate republicans are defending Trump.

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Duffy expressed that the Middle East is a much greater threat to the United States and the government can’t control terrorist attacks by domestic, white extremist.  “You don’t have a group like ISIS or al Qaeda that is inspiring people around the world to take up arms and kill innocents. That was a one-off. That was a one-off, Alisyn,” Duffy said.
Duffy mentioned that he believes Trump was justified in stopping Syrian refugees from entering the United States “until in Syria they figure out this conflict in the civil war and this hotbed for terrorism.” Duffy then goes on to say that the media is covering up and underreporting multiple terrorist attacks. To back up his and the President previous claims, the White House released a list of 78 attacks presumably ignored by the media. Oddly however, the list did not include a recent attack on Muslims inside a Quebec City mosque that killed six people. Trump, who seems to be obsessed with terrorists attacks, also has not mentioned this incident.

When asked whether the Charleston massacre, which killed 9 African Americans in a South Carolina church mattered to him, he replied insisted the host, Alisyn Camerota, see the bright side.

CAMEROTA: How about Charleston, congressman? He was an extremist. He was a white extremist?

DUFFY: Yes, he was. OK?

CAMEROTA: How about that? That doesn’t matter?

DUFFY: No, it does matter. It does matter. Look at the good things that came from it. [Then-South Carolina Gov.] Nikki Haley took down the Confederate flag, that was great.


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