Everybody is not about that life but Sean Kingston just won’t accept it.

After getting his jewelry stolen and embarrassing himself by getting in between the beef The Game and Meek Mill back in 2016, Kingston allegedly got robbed and stomped out by The Migos last night at a trade show in Vegas. Someone from Sean’s camp allegedly shit off their gun during the incident which thankfully, hurt no one. Both parties ran when the cops showed up but Kingston ended up getting cuffed and questioned. The cops plan to question The Migos but they are not officially wanted as suspects yet.

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Now, Kingston mom has jumped into the mix via social media by posting subliminal messages that clearly have to do with the alleged incident.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 2.22.55 PM

Kingston’s mom is most likely referring to the time when everybody was cool and The Migos were eating her food earlier in the year at Quevo’s last birthday party.

Naturally, where there is controversy, there is The Game. He wasted no time laughing out Kingston all over the internet. Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 2.23.32 PM

LOL. We already know this is far from over.

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