Authorities began arresting Dakota Access Pipeline protesters yesterday who stayed pass the 2 p.m deadline to evacuate the campground where they have protested for months.

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A group of 100 officers advanced on the protester who stayed after the deadline and according to The Huffington Post, about 10 arrests were made. As a parting gift, protesters burned their dwellings and set the land ablaze. Around 2’o clock several hundred protesters- down from the thousands at the height of the protest– began go evacuate the grounds.

Jenni Monet, a journalist who has been arrested while covering the 6-month long standoff, said burning their dwellings was a way of cleansing the camp, ” For some indigenous peoples, when traditional dwellings are erected they are not dismantled in a conventional way. They are taken apart in a ceremonial way and that ceremonial way is burning.”

President Obama signed an executive order on December 4th that would not allow the energy company an easement to continue with the construction. This were looking up for the protester but the victory was short lived because of Donald Trump, shocker. When Trump took office, on his second day in office, reversed President Obama’s order and gave the pipeline construction the go ahead.

Source: NBC

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