Atwaters has taken a unique approach on leading by example for not just young black men but young black artists as well. Atwaters is from Gainesville, Florida. He moved to Tampa in 2007 then attended the University of South Florida earning a Bachelors Degree in English. Following his degree, he would then move to Daejeon, South Korea in 2014 as an English teacher and is currently still teaching. Great teachers motivate, inspire and lead. They interact with their community to affect positive change through their students and themselves. Great teachers change lives. Great teachers do it all but this Florida emcee does that plus more… through Hip Hop.

Atwaters gives us visual for These 3 Words that will be featured on his upcoming project. In this single he expresses the experience of traveling the world and facing different obstacles whether it be a language barrier, racial biases, cultural differences. However, still maintaining confidence in self. You can here this in lines like “Worthy of the praise but antagonists, so I carry the cross// Across the world while I’m still embracing my African roots” and other notable lines like “I’m less than perfect but urgent is my emergence// Yall better pray for the prey cause I’m serving raps like a serpent”. The video is directed by Burns Frames Works and co directed by Heetak Baek. This dope visual gives you a walk through Hong Kong and a solid representation or Atwater’s presence in their Hip Hop scene.

Since living in Korea he has performed at numerous events throughout the country. He’s opened up for 2Milly in October 2016, Korean rapper Vasco on November 19, 2016. The Florida emcee also performed in The Philippines and Tokyo. The international rapper is currently working on his Project titled “Mind on Paper” set to release later this year.

Watch the video below as well as “Fill Me In” where he raps in both English and Korean!

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