One of the chiefs and most prominent promises made by then President-Elect Trump was to tighten up our immigration laws. His most noted threat was, of course, was to build a wall between Mexico and the US. Since his election, it is no surprise that reported crime in many Latino communities has decreased creating a whole new issue. In the Los Angeles area, a shockingly decreasing number of domestic violence crime is being reported. Of course, if violence is actually decreasing, this is would appear to be a good thing, but the leaders in law enforcement believe this drop in reported crimes is due to fear of deportation in the Latin community.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, reports of rape have declined by 25% in comparison to just one year ago. Other violent crimes such as domestic abuse, have decreased by 10%. No other ethnic group has shown such a dramatic decrease in violent crime reports.

LAPD’s Chief of Police, Charlie Beck, says that there is a strong correlation between the new Trump administration’s harsh immigration rules and the low crime reports. This comes as no surprise since the administration has influenced the feds to use excessive force and power to deport those without documentation, even for minor crimes.

This only adds to the already devastating issue of rape and domestic abuse.

Domestic violence organizations in the L.A. area, on the other hand, have reported unusually high numbers since the new administration took office. It appears that the communities see them as a refuge, especially after a women reported a domestic violence crime against her and in return was arrested. She now faces close to ten years in prison.

Jacquie Marroquin, director of programs for the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence says, “We have entire communities of people feeling like it’s no longer safe or feasible for them to report crime,”. She goes on to say “We have heard of cases of survivors dropping cases altogether. Survivors are more concerned about their safety from ICE and law enforcement than their safety from the person who is hurting them.”

The problem with this is it kind of defeats the supposed “agenda” of the Trump administration, as it relates to immigrants and domestic violence. Remember when Trump accused all Mexicans of being rapists and thieves? He then went on to say that deporting them was the only option. Now that innocent women and children fear for their safety and the union of their families, the reports of those actually committing awful crimes and should rightfully be deported, is drastically decreasing. This even gives one reason to believe that rape and domestic abuse may spike in the Latino communities throughout the country.

“Domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse exist in the shadows,” Marroquin said. “When folks don’t feel like they can come forward and bring these issues into the light, it forces them to remain in harmful situations.”

This is a true tragedy in the making.

Source: HuffPo

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