Rick Ross has been all the buzz since dropping his ninth studio album Better You Than Me. The MMG boss took fans aback when he had lyrics about not approving of Meek and Nicki’s relationship and the ongoing feud with Drake. Most notably, Ross called out Cash Money Records owner, Birdman on “Idols Become Rivals.”

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Many people wonder why would Renzel call out his former associate and what really happened with Birdman and DJ Khaled. Luckily, Ross sat down with Billboard and explained it all.

“Idols Become Rivals” is letter to Birdman and how you used to look up to him. Why did the people need to hear your take on Birdman’s business practices and Wayne’s situation?

You know, I just think it’s so f–ked up. Us seeing Lil Wayne’s [situation] and suffering from that, I think we kind of all got used to it. I think the culture has f–king accepted that Wayne would not put out another album. And that’s not the way the game [should be]. That’s not the way we designed this. That’s not the way this is supposed to be.

When we come up from the mud together, it’s not supposed to be this way. Birdman is supposed to be in that f–king building making those f–king people give him money to take care of his man. They supposed to be in the f–king [building], flipping over desks in those f–king offices, fighting to get money. Not f–king suing each other, fighting lawsuits and everybody starving. Not putting out music, not being creative. Us not doing what we came here for. There’s nothing more I hate than that — us not doing what we came here for.

You spoke about Khaled, too, on the song: “You put my n—a in a hole, homie, that s–t hurt me.” Did his situation motivate you more to address it?

For one, it was different phases. First, it was my understanding phase. Like, “Yo, what’s going on? I don’t understand.” It’s not the way it’s supposed to go. Khaled came into the fold and went above and beyond [more than] any artist went for his team, his brand. Khaled pushing his team and his brand, he was able to get money doing other things as well. And just to see the way that unfolded and for [Khaled] to owe someone millions of dollars and act like this is a normal business practice? It’s not. That’s not the way it goes.

I felt the pain, and it wasn’t my money, but just by me watching and what took place and me being supportive, me being there for [Khaled], me being there for anything he needed, I was there for him. Just to see the way [Birdman] did [Khaled’s] family, that’s unacceptable… That’s why Khaled in the position he in. Homie really left [Khaled] in the hole. He walked away from that and started over.

There’s a fan theory going around that when Khaled says “they” [as in one of his catch phrases “They don’t want you to win”], he might be referring to Birdman.

I seen that, and it was funny. I know they don’t want us to laugh at those.

In the rest of the interview, Ross talks about having a conversation with Drake, not working with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League on “Maybach Music V” and if we can expect an Self Made IV. Read it in full here.

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