Over the weekend Fetty Wap was in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey and he was allegedly involved in a disagreement that led to shots being fired. According to Troy Oswald, the Paterson deputy police chief, the shooting took place a little after 5 am at a deli on Montclair Avenue. Three people were wounded as a result.

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Oswald has only confirmed that Fetty Wap and several of his friends were “involved” in the altercation, however, they are “not suspects in the shooting or a robbery that happened during the incident.” The three that were injured were taken to local hospitals and are not facing life-threatening injuries.

Authorities have not released what exactly led to the shooting, but Fetty doesn’t seem too concerned as he was seen tweeting as usual.

Could this have been about the incident? Who knows…
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Source: North Jersey

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