SuCoo is a rapper from the All My Homies collective, an Orlando-based independent record label. This is the theme park capital’s own first solo album since his debut “W.A.T.E.R.”. Recording the entire album in the “sleeper” of the eighteen wheeler he drives professionally, the album was appropriately titled “Sorry For The Noise” to apologize for any distortion.

SuCoo Spreads Positivity In His Single “Your Love” [VIDEO]

Reaching goals in any aspect of life starts with your mindset and Sucoo had to focus on what’s important. The cleverly titled album was put together under tough conditions. Driving for over 36 hours, the Orlando emcee would record sessions with no sleep. The committed rapper from the Sunshine State is a solid example of sticking to your goals no matter the circumstances. Local rappers should be taking notes of his mindset.

SuCoo Spreads Positivity In His Single “Your Love” [VIDEO]

“Sorry For The Noise” chronicles the complications and noise that life on the road has caused in SuCoo’s love life, personal life, and on his journey to live out his dreams creating music. – Marcus Penilla of AMH

Listen to Sucoo’s album here and watch his single “Your Love”

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