Prominent activist DeRay Mckesson is being sued by an unnamed police officer in Baton Rouge who claims he was injured during a protest in Baton Rouge after the police officer-involved death of Alton Sterling in July 2016.

Lawyers for the officer who is listed as “John Doe” in the suit for “health and safety reasons,” asked Chief U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson on Mar. 27 to allow the lawsuit to move forward and to continue to leave the officer listed as anonymous. Mckesson’s lawyer, Billy Gibbens argued that the suit should be thrown on because it is speculative allegations.

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Officer “John Doe’s” lawyers acknowledged that it is unknown who threw a piece of concrete at the officer causing him to lose teeth and suffer other injuries. The officer claims he was struck in the face by a “rock-like substance” that was thrown at him in other officers during a July 9 protest. The also names Black Lives Matter as a defendant, and doesn’t accuse Mckesson of throwing anything at officers, but says he “incited the violence” that resulted in hs injuries.

The suit also says that Mckesson “was in charge of the protests and he was seen and heard giving orders throughout the day and night of the protests. The protests turned into a riot.”

The officer is seeking unspecified damages in the suit, says that he lost teeth and had injuries to his jaw and brain.

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Source: The Advocate

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