As more details from the Fetty Wap shooting/Robbery are coming in, it looks like the feud is deeper than just a chain. Monday morning Raheem Thomas, also known as Fuzz, was hit with weapons and assault charges after the shootout that took place New Jersey Sunday that involved rapper Fetty Wap getting his chain snatched.

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New reports state that Fetty’s squad fired the first shot at Fuzz and his crew, because of that, Fuzz and co. jumped Fetty and snatched the chain.

The story according to TMZ:

Eyewitnesses at the scene tell us a member of Fetty’s crew fired first at Raheem Thomas’ crew in retaliation Sunday morning … and then that same person allegedly accidentally shot himself in the thigh.

We’re told the shooting started after Fuzz and his Muscle Team boys followed Fetty and co. into a Paterson, NJ deli, where things got violent fast. Sources say Fuzz pistol-whipped someone in Fetty’s camp, and then he and his guys proceeded to jump/rob Fetty and his crew on the spot.

That’s when a second gun was taken out and shots were fired back and forth … 2 of which landed on 2 of Raheem’s guys. At some point after the initial bloodbath … we’re told the original shooter tried escaping and the gun fired in his waistband, striking him in the thigh.

Reportedly four people were shot, and two others were killed.

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