Mary J. Blige released the track list for her upcoming album Strength Of A Woman on Twitter Wednesday night.

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In honor of Woman’s History Month, Mary encouraged her fans to tweet her and tag a strong woman. With each tag, she began releasing the track playlist song by song.

From the revel, we learned that she has features with some of your favs- Kanye West, Quavo, DJ Khaled, Missy Elliot, Prince Charlez and Kaytranada.

Check out the full track list for Blige’s 13th studio album below.


1. “Love Yourself” feat. Kanye West
2. “Thick Of It”
3. “Set Me Free”
4. “It’s Me”
5. “Glow Up feat. Missy Elliot, Quevo and DJ Khaled
6. “U + Me (Love Lesson)”
7. “Indestructible”
8. “Thank You”
9. “Survivor
10. “Find The Love”
11. “Smile” feat. Prince Charlez
12. “Telling The Truth” featuring Kaytranada
13. “Strength Of A Woman”

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