Though going the independent route can be rewarding in many ways, it can also be very risky and Tampa’s own Vern Sr understands. He’s shared stages with Bizzy Crook, Currensy and traveled to LA to share stages with other dope acts. For independent rappers, the chances of crashing and burning are equal to if not higher than the chances of succeeding. However, it’s artists like Vern Sr that continue to prove us wrong by taking necessary risks, developing a organic following and earning respect from his peers.

Releasing music as both rapper and producer, this solo artist has been creating a significant impression from Tampa to other underground music scenes. Any rapper can be heard if they’re yelling in your ear, but a skillful MC will play it chill. There are a few dudes, old and new alike, that represent that laid back flow perfectly. Chill rap obviously has no boundaries and that’s definitely the case for this Sunshine State emcee. You can expect to see Vern at Producer showcase at A3C and opening for acts in upcoming festivals. Check out the good vibes on his latest self-produced track below.

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