Letitia James has been the NYC public advocate for a little over three years. The lawyer is the next in line behind the Mayor and plays a large part in NYC legislation. James stopped by Ebro In the Morning to discuss affordable housing Cuomo vs.de Blasio and the rumors that the city wants to name Rikers Island after Kalief Browder.

“The Governor needs to provide us with affordable housing,” James simply stated. James explained many factors that play into the long drawn out process of receiving affordable housing in New York City, one of those being your credit score, and being on a “blacklist.” The “blacklist” is when your named is flagged for appearing in landlord-tenant, this plus your credit score can exclude a person from receiving affordable housing. Because of this, James believes that Rikers’ Island has become a “colony” for the poor, mentally ill and homeless.

Speaking of Rikers’ James cleared up the rumors that the city plans to name the corrections facility after Kalief Browder. The young man who was arrested as a teen for allegedly stealing a bookbag. The claims were false, however, Browder was held on the island for two years, most of that time in solitary confinement. Shortly after being released, he committed suicide. James said that the plan was not to name the jail after him, but after the jail closes down (de Blasio wants this to happen in 10 years) make the island into new places (whether that is extending LaGuadia, building shelters or opening a community center), and naming a piece of it after Browder.

James also talked how Trump stole the election in her eyes, new salary law, and the “Raise the Age” bill. Watch it below.

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