“The Fate of Furious” is out in theaters this Friday (April 15) and Tyrese stopped by Ebro In The Morning to talk about the film, The Rock & Vin Diesel’s alleged beef and the backlash he and Ebro received about their comments on women getting weaves, plastic surgery and so on.

With Ebro absent Rosenberg immediately asked about the alleged beef between The Rock & Vin Diesel and rumors about the two refusing to do press together. While Tyrese dismissed the press rumors as hearsay, he did say this about the feud:

“There’s no such thing in any work environment where you have to be around people for a long time that at a certain point you’re not ging to get irritated, [or] somebody going to say or do something and it becomes whatever.”

He also took the time to clear up those controversial posts on Instagram about women who wear weaves or have cosmetic surgery. He said that it was not to single out black women, however, he noticed men were being called out on their flaws, so he decided to point out things that men notice, that maybe unknown to women. “Everybody is uncomfortable with being real,” he said.

He also talked about how the “Fast & Furious” films started from a Vibe Magazine article, “replacing” Vin Diesel in F&F 2 and his secret wedding. Watch it below.

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