If the sign of a great comedian is the ability to make his peers laugh, then without a shadow of a doubt Charlie Murphy was a great comedian.  As reported by TMZ Murphy lost his battle with leukemia Wednesday morning.

Eddie Murphy Releases Statement On The Death Of his Brother

Many point out the fact that Charlie Murphy is Eddie Murphy’s older brother while not celebrating what a great comedian he was in his own right. While Eddie’s charm and infectious laugh won us over Charlie relied upon his ability to craft a story. Whether it’s his tales of been harassed by TSA to the legendary Chappelle Show sketch, Charlie’s ability to craft a story has always been amazing. His gruff voice and street demeanor made him perfect for roles in films such as CB4,  Harlem Nights, and the Player’s club. He also co-wrote Vampire in Brooklyn, Norbit and also played a part in writing for the Chapelle Show.

Jay Pharaoh Remembers Charlie Murphy

In closing, Charlie Murphy was more than just the older brother to Eddie Murphy. He was a comedian, actor, writer and most of all a father. His style of storytelling and comedy will greatly be missed.

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