Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Dirk Nowitzki are expected to make the Basketball Hall of Fame once they are eligible. But besides the obvious, what do these three hoopers have in common? They all have scored over 20,000 points and snatched at least 10,000 rebounds. And after last night’s game so has Pau Gasol.

Pau Gasol, 36, Center for the San Antonio Spurs, becomes the latest player to join the elite statistical company. He has won 2 NBA Championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, has played in 6 NBA All-Star games, has been selected 4 times as an All-NBA player and now has accomplished an individual career milestone.

Sure he gets dunked on by Blake Griffin from time to time, but who doesn’t?

But if there were any doubts about Pau Gasol being a future Hall of Famer, it should be put to rest now.


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