Eddie Murphy tweeted about a month ago with a shot of Vanessa Bell Calloway in costume with her captioned as “Coming to America sequel?” So far it is deemed as a rumored that the team has been something cooking up in the works since then the tweet has been deleted off of Murphy’s page. Yet, the unofficial announcement was enough for diehard fans of the original film to take it as a win for Murphy & Arsenio Hall. However, according to TMZ and other outlets, Murphy has confirmed many instances in the past that has soon deemed the rumor as a fact. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the originals behind the screenplay, Barry Blaustein, and David Sheffield will be returning.



The film is a cult classic for Paramount. It was created under $40 million, it grossed over $288 million worldwide and $128 million in the US. They waited almost decades 30 years later to make another predecessor to capitalize on the film’s ongoing momentum for returning fans and the new audience it brings with it.

It hasn’t been released if Eddie Murphy will be in the sequel because as said by many critics the plot could be focused onto Prince Akeem and Lisa McDonwell’s offspring.

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