For the most part, the community of the United States has had strong mixed feelings about our congress and figures in government. Some of us even cry a little at night that Bernie Sanders is not the president, but still fighting for the country internally with his shade towards the Trump administration right now. Don’t know what I’m talking about, well read some serious tweet action from Bernie Sanders.

Yet, this is not about Bernie Sanders if it’s not one mutual feel to another our leader and savior Auntie Maxine (Congresswoman Maxine Waters) is not leaving without a fight! 30 years in the game, and she still going head strong, this time in step with the Millennial generation. Since the election of President Trump, Waters has been hanging in there with the people on speaking the truth within the power like Shirley Caesar on an Easter Sunday.

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This past Saturday (April 15, 2017), the California representative was not holding her tongue with sternness, Waters spoke on President Donald Trump:

“We’ve got to stop his ass,” to a joyful paraded crowd.

“I will fight every day until he is impeached,” she retorted to the mass.

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This is was freedom of speech of continued on at the Tax Day March in D.C., which is a mouthful of controversy over our president brushing off the importance to release his tax papers. Rep. Waters has preached every chance she gets on the topic of how she feels about President Donald Trump:

“He is a con man. He is someone who will do whatever is necessary to get over at the moment.”

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Waters says on the mic as she encourages all of us to be politically active, because at the end of the day the country is just as much ours as it is President Donald Trump’s, and together we all make a mighty force. Watch it below.

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